April 2012

An abrupt change in the lives of the founder, and his family, started a chain reaction which has lead to the formation of Four Horsemen: M. & T.

May 2015

Owner, and Founder, Daryl R. Endicott completed his final years of college; an effort placed on his heart to fulfill his personal calling by the Lord.  He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Christian Ministries and Ethics from Mid-America Christian University

About four horsemen: m. & T.

Daryl R. Endicott



Four Horsemen: Ministries and Training is a culmination of years of study, field experience, and a passion to follow the Lord's calling on the lives of every member of the Four Horsemen Team. 

The Team believes strongly in the preservation of life; whether self-defense or rendering aid to others; both spiritually and physically.  It is the desire of the team to instruct each student in the best possible application of firearm safety, defense, as well as first response to crisis. 

December 2015

Some finishing touches on the ideology and planning for Four Horsemen: M. & T. were completed. 

february 2016

Four Horsemen: M.& T. launched our services based on a leap of faith and genuine calling from the Lord.